Longlisted for the Frank O'Connor International Award for the Short Story

The Home Jar
by Nancy Zafris

Switchgrass Books
177 pages, ISDN 0875806880
April 2013

Nancy Zafris is a critically acclaimed writer because of the highly distinctive, piercing intelligence that informs her works. Her gifts accumulate in a vision that somehow combines just the right amount of irony, subtle humor, and compassion for characters you won’t see anywhere else in contemporary fiction, from an elderly bounty hunter for a leper colony to a Japanese stewardess to a celebrated chef languishing at a state park. Though their emotional landscapes vary widely, they are all resolute, sympathetic, and indelible—and their stories can be laugh-out-loud funny one minute and bittersweet or even tragic the next. With The Home Jar, Zafris reconfirms herself to be among the keenest observers of the human condition around. This is her first short story collection since the award-winning The People I Know; her very loyal following of readers will herald The Home Jar as a major event in American letters.

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